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„I like DL because it offers several possibili- ties of development to my character. And the game developers really seem eager to keep improving the game. I have been playing for over 3 years and the game has gained lots of new cool features and events. It is definitely the best online game I have ever played.”

Cruel01 – world 2

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Server speed

World 4 runs 3 times faster than the normal worlds. When you buy ancient stones, you get 2,5 times more than usual.


World 4 runs for a fix duration. It starts on April 30. 2024 14:00 and ends on June 30. 2024 14:00.

Character creation

Each player starts at level 60, with 25 million SE, which he will use automatically to learn level 60 learning, level 40 ultraspecialization and level 50 transplantation skills, and can use up the remaining SE freely on abilities, skills, items and decreasing infection. You can use Specialization. You can buy and use ancient stones already when generating the character. You have to spend all SE but 10,000, until you didn't do that, you will stay in a virtual catacomb, where he/she
  • can't attack and cannot be attacked
  • can't hunt
  • can't join a clan
  • regenerates APts and DPts normally (so there is no drawback if you can't be at the computer right at the moment when the server starts)
During character creation there will be a button on the character sheet, which can reset abilities and skills to default in case you made a mistake. Then you can start character creation from scratch, you get back the ancient stones you spent. If you SE falls below 10.000, you will get an Exit catacomb button on your character sheet. If you click it, you can start playing. After this, all your items which are not equipped will be lost so you can't carry stored soul-energy outside.

Additional character creation rules

We have the following additional rules:
  • Players have the default skill level 60 learning, level 40 ultraspecialization and level 50 transplantation at start.
  • You can increase an ability by several points at once.
  • Your skilltotal can't be more than 20% of your ability total at any point
  • The magic ability can't be higher than the average of your other abilites.
  • In the shop you can buy only the 4 basic item types, you can't buy potions for example.
  • You start with an Infection of 92, but you will have a button on your character sheet which reduces this to 8 with a click, at the same cost you would have to spend in normal game from level 19 to level 60.
  • The duel setting is the default, you can attack only player of same or higher level, but you can change this under Duel.

Special rules during the game

  • There is no mentor at the beginning.
  • The quests "Write a quiz question, use the skill oblivion and gain X levels" will be immediately completed.
  • There is no oblivion skill.
  • There is no Crystal Horde.
  • The Auction House is available right from the start, but you can start bidding only 2 weeks after the start.
  • If a character leaves a clan in short time (even via deleting), the clan will get a destructive strike in ratio to his/her building, so the clan members must compensate the work done by the leaving member. If he leaves in 1 day, 100% of his building, if in 2 days, 95% etc. If he leaves 20 or more days after joining, there are no consequences.
We take the rule "one character per player" very severely. Characters created to build clans are banned quickly along with the main character. So more detail in the article Can I play with more than one character?.


We will reward players in the following categories, the top 3 in each:
  • Highest level (xp)
  • Highest ability total
  • Highest skill total
  • Greatest SE difference
  • Most damage dealt (only when you attack)
  • Most quests completed
  • Most adventures completed
  • Most correct quiz answer (quiz admins can't compete in this category)
  • Highest level pet
There is no reward for clans, only for individuals. In each category the top 3 gets a medal of glory, which increases SE received for hunts. If you win in several categories, you will still get only 1 medal.

Additional reward: After the competition is over, the top 3 of each category may opt to transfer his/her character to one of the first 3 worls, if he/she does not already have a character on that world. They also have the option to not transfer the character, only the medal of glory to a character on other world which was registered with the same email address as this. Before transferring the character, each items which can be sold for ancient stones (potions, unused focus crystals, pet equipment) will be sold automatically.
When the world is over, players can transfer their remaining ancient stones to a character on other world which was registered with the same email address as this, or can transfer it to the next world 4 (just make sure you register with the same email address). Because you received 2.5x more ancient stones on the fast world, when you transfer them to a normal world, they will be divided with the same amount.
Any player who did not rank in the top 3 can choose to tranfer his character too, at the cost of 500 ancient stones (the 500 is before it gets divided by 2.5).